Campaign for Resilience in Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is more critical than ever — it is a lifeline for people struggling to navigate the global pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, low-income families and small businesses in the developing world are acutely vulnerable to the health and economic impact of this global pandemic. They are less likely to have access to quality, affordable health care, and paid leave. And without adequate savings, credit, and insurance, it is extremely difficult for them to manage business disruptions and maintain their livelihoods. Financial inclusion is more critical than ever; it can make all the difference for people struggling to navigate this crisis.

We are working with our partners around the globe to quickly adapt and respond to this challenge so they can offer the best solutions to help low-income people stay financially resilient during this unprecedented time.

By supporting Accion, you’ll allow us to respond to urgent needs through our work in three priority areas:

  • Rework existing financial products to include more flexible terms: We are helping our partners rapidly modify their credit, savings, insurance, and payment products to address their customers’ urgently evolving needs. Service modifications include temporary repayment deferrals, more flexible approaches to disbursement and collections, and moving processes to “low touch” digital channels.
  • Support a rapid transition to digital financial services: In an environment of mandated social distancing, digital and alternative channels (mobile, card, ATM, internet banking, agent networks) have become necessary for small businesses to operate. We are helping our partners build more robust digital products and services — and develop plans to support their customers, who are frequently using digital lending products and mobile wallets for the first time.
  • Expand financial capability and skills for low-income entrepreneurs globally: We are developing compelling educational content to help low-income entrepreneurs build the digital capabilities they need to become active participants in this rapidly changing economic environment. Our award-winning online edtech platform Ovante is helping small businesses adapt their business models in this time of crisis. Ovante has already reached 15,400 small business owners – 81 percent of whom are women. This platform has the potential to help millions in Latin America, Africa, and India.

Donations on this page support the work of Accion International.

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