Tening Faye studies in Mbafaye, Senegal as her grandmother Fatou raises chickens to pay for school fees. Since 2012 Fatou has been steadily growing her business with small loans from VisionFund Senegal. Photo courtesy of VisionFund International.

I want to contribute to client protection!

The Microfinance CEO Working Group (MCWG) is shaping the industry to make Client Protection Certification standard practice, and is working to embed consumer protection practices among our network affiliates. While the majority of global institutions certified have been MCWG affiliates (53%), reaching ~14mm clients, this represents only 20% of the Working Group’s total clients.

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Your gift helps us to move the bar on certification as we strive to reach 50% of our clients. By contributing to this initiative, you support financial inclusion to the unserved and underserved across the globe, and ensure they are served responsibly. Financial inclusion gives people the opportunity to improve their future, their families and their communities in vital ways.

The Microfinance CEO Working Group is administratively housed at the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, a Four Star Charity.

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